The WordPress hosting companies listed below have been ranked according to cost, performance, and support quality.

Best Budget WordPress Hosting Companies : Tier 1

Bluehost Web Hosting: Rated #1 Web Host

Bluehost is the #1 WordPress Host
We have put Bluehost through hard testing. We have over 100 websites hosted here. In the end, we have been nothing short of happy with uptime, and the responsiveness of tech support and billing departments. NOTE: Any time we have had an issue, we have been able to get hold of tech support quickly. They are in the USA, so they are easy to communicate with.

  • Price: $6.95 per month.
  • One-click WordPress installation.
  • 100% 30-day money back guarantee. Pro-rated refunds after 30 days.

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HostGator Web Hosting: Rated #2 Web Host

Hostgator Web Hosting
WordPress runs fantastic with HostGator. Really, regardless of whether you have the small Hatchling account or the bigger Business Plan, your WordPress site will run nicely. There is also a one-click installation feature – you DON’T have to do a manual install. This is great for beginners and advanced web developers.

  • Price: $3.96 to $10.96 per month.
  • They offer a 100% money back guarantee.

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InMotion Web Hosting: Rated #3 Web Host

In Motion Business Class HostingBusiness class hosting with multiple tiers of accounts available. These guys are fantastic. Easy signup, and they give you a hosting account based on YOUR needs. If you need WordPress hosting, or hosting for anything running database applications, your hosting account is adjusted optimally.

  • Price: $6.95 to $13.95 per month (a little more expensive than the others, but you do get what you pay for here). Well worth it.
  • 100% 90-day full refund. Best in the business here.

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WebHostingPad Web Hosting: Rated #4 Web Host

Web Hosting Pad WordPressWe don’t recommend them for resource intensive sites or multiple installations of WordPress. However, they are PERFECT for small business sites and personal WordPress blogs.

  • Best deal in town at $1.99 per month
  • Simple but strong control panel
  • Easy WordPress installations.

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iPage Web Hosting: Rated #5 Web Host

iPage WordPress hostingThe free security suite is unique to iPage, and is pretty nice. It is the SiteLock security suite, and most other hosting companies charge $9.95 to $12.95 for the service. Another unique feature is that a Google Control Panel is integrated You’ll have a single point of access for Adwords, your sitemap, site search and more.

Host your Web site with iPage!

Host Monster Web Hosting: Rated #6 Web Host

HostMonster WordPress hosting
So far no complaints about performance or service. All the goodies here you would expect: Unlimited email accounts, Unlimited bandwidth, Unlimited data transfer, Unlimited hosted domains, Free domain registration, Automatic WordPress installs, cPanel control panel, Anytime money back guarantee, Made in USA, 100% USA-based support.

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Tier 2 : “Just OK” WordPress Hosting Companies

The following hosting companies we have listed are “just ok.” Sites mostly run just fine, but are generally a little slow. You might have a little more downtime than normal. Also, we have found that customer service may not be the best. In short, we would use these hosts if Bluehost and Hostgator weren’t around. While the following web hosting companies are ok, our consensus is that we wouldn’t buy service again with them because they’re simply not as good as Bluehost, Hostgator, iPage, and InMotion. But you might have better luck than we did.

Sale! $ from - 125x125 Poker tGoDaddy Web Hosting

  • We LOVE GoDaddy to domain registrar. For domain names only. For hosting, not so much.
  • Our developers have had several websites hosted on GoDaddy in the past, and all have noticed a huge problem with the speed. Seems that sites using any type of a database (like WordPress or eCommerce) are sloooowwww.
  • Also, you are required to use their form mailer script – and some developers have experienced delays of up to 48 hours in receiving form inquiries from my websites.
  • Any inquiries to tech support seem to always result with the initial response being a ‘canned’ answer, and they suggest you use their knowledge base. Sometimes seems as though they don’t even read the initial ticket.

Fat Cow Web Hosting

Fat Cow WordPress HostingFatCow was a disappointment. We like their customer service and tech support. They are quite fast in responding. However, we found that our WordPress websites ran extremely slow on FatCow servers. Even small sites with less than 10 posts and pages. Slow to the point that it was frustrating to update the WordPress sites, and pretty much unusable. We pulled all of our primary monitized sites off of FatCow and moved them to Bluehost. We do still maintain websites on FatCow because we paid in advance for two years, and still have a year left. The websites currently hosted on FatCow are mostly just one page landing pages, or forwarders. No WordPress.

Under The Bleachers : We don’t recommend

The following hosting companies are those that we find to be total crap. In general, our team has found lots of down time, very slow (almost unusable) website speed, and/or bad customer service. Our recommendation on these companies is to save yourself a lot of headache, and look at better options.

IX Web Hosting

IX WordPress HostingIX Web Hosting is the reason we added Tier 2 to the website rankings (see Tier 2 above). It is wise to give a web host some time before judgment is made. We began testing our IX Web hosting account in January, 2011 and for quite a while things were great. We began considering them as a top host, and started sending some of our web clients to them. But then the honeymoon ended. We had 12 sites go offline without any explanation, and it took 5 days to get IX to get our hosting account back up. We have also experienced a high amount of email server problems on various websites. In addition, we have found that automatic installs of software don’t work, the file manager doesn’t work, etc.

Super Green Web Hosting


  • Terrible experience here.
  • Automatic installations of WordPress were non-functional, and we never could get tech support to fix the issue.
  • Up to a 24-hour delay with tech support response. Appears to be little coordination between techs and/or departments.
  • Witnessed site outages twice within our first week (we assume there were more that we didn’t see).
  • After two weeks of having a hosting account, and not being able to use it, we asked for a refund. They did not give a full refund (kept about $20).
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