About AIM Website Management Services

Aim Website Management has developed and/or managed over 100 commercial client projects across a wide range of industries and markets, including commercial, educational, governmental, non-profit, and eCommerce markets.

Bringing Back the Human Connection to Business

AIM is a different type of service provider.  We believe that the human connection in business is crucial.  We are not out solely to build a client list.  We keep our working client list very small and exclusive so that we can offer ongoing, quantifiable, positive results.

With that, we build real relationships with our clients over time. Our average working relationship with each client is over four years.  That’s not because we lock them into service contracts (we don’t), but because we deliver results.  We’ve met our clients’ children, we laugh with each other when we talk, and we enjoy working together.  We will also tell it like it is when needed.  It’s the human connection we love.

AIM Retail Partners, dba AIM Website Management is owned and operated by Matt Fay.  Matt is a seasoned professional in the web development, web management, and internet marketing industry and will act as the client point of contact.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, Matt has combined his real-world experience with his professional endeavors to offer clients a new approach when it comes to web development and internet marketing.

Matt graduated from Northern Arizona University Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Advertising and has been providing full-service online and offline marketing service for his valued clients ever since. After building his first website back in 2001, Matt has primarily focused on web development and management.

The human approach to service…

Matt takes the time to get to know each and every one of his clients. To him, this isn’t just about helping them build a website for their business, providing the day to day services of managing a website, or designing an internet marketing strategy – in Matt’s eyes, this is about creating partnerships with his clients by understanding exactly what matters to them, so that they can collaboratively design solutions that work best for their unique situation.

As a firm believer of the human connection, Matt’s ultimate goal is to bring that human connection back to business – similar to the connections he experienced in the Navy and the fire service. Matt believes that human connection and clear communication in business is crucial. Each and every day, Matt and his team work to build real relationships with their clients, while also delivering quantifiable and reliable results.

On average, Matt maintains relationships with his clients for over four years – and without locking them into service contracts. Simply by taking the time to really get to know his clients, understanding their values, talking with them, and designing solutions together with them, Matt helps to ensure that his relationships are strong and long-lasting. This approach is what has helped Matt and his company receive tremendous success throughout its existence.

A little more…

Prior to becoming a web development professional, Matt served in the United States Navy as an Operations Specialist with an expertise in anti-submarine warfare. From there, Matt became a Firefighter with the U.S. Forest service for five years and then worked as a structural/wildland Firefighter for another seven years, while he worked to build up his web development business.

Matt points to his real-world endeavors as the driving force behind his approach to web development, web management, and internet marketing for his clients in today’s world.

His time spent in these environments helped him to understand the value of close-knit relationships and how communication is essential for mission success. He believes that these impenetrable collaborative environments with unencumbered communication ultimately drive results.

In his position as the founder and owner of AIM Website Management, Matt uses this same approach when working with his clients.

AIM Website Management makes it a priority to give back to the community.

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