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Our Inbound marketing strategies for established businesses shows potential cusomers to your website through channels like search engines, local listings, and social media.

Strategic Internet Marketing Services

Offered exclusively to our website design and website management clients.

Strategy & Planning

We research your competition, your market, your customer segments, and your business so that we can come up with an effective internet marketing strategy for your business.

Content Marketing

Having quality, engaging content on your site that people want to read is the single most effective way to get targeted traffic to your site. It is also the most cost effective option over time.

Website SEO

We call this on-page SEO. These are “best practices” along with some proprietary techniques designed to get Google to love your website. We do not engage in any black hat type of techniques.

Website Design

How your website is built initially is vital. Our websites are designed initially with search engines in mind. Not all designers do this. If your site was built elsewhere, we can generally update as needed.

Mobile Responsiveness

Google requires your website give the mobile viewer a quality experience. If your site is not mobile responsive, you’re losing customers and your credibility is suffering.

Paid Ad Management

Specializing in Facebook advertising and Google Ads, we have the ability to create and manage your paid advertising campaigns.

Social Media

Social media has forever changed the way our brands engage with customers online. It has also changed how we market to those customers. We can help.

Facebook Page Management

We can create and or manage your company Facebook page.  We do this as part of your team to ensure you are consistently sending the right message to your followers.

Analytics & Metrics

We provide actionable intelligence about your website traffic and your audience. Without detailed analytics we would only be guessing.

Local SEO

We focus on local search engine results.  This means Google Maps, showing up on top of the page in Google’s local 3-pack, enhancing local directory listings, and more.

Reviews Management

Engaging your customers in a way that they want to share their experiences is important for good rankings. We can help you get and manage customer reviews.

Ongoing Reports

You will always have access to detailed reports about your site’s progress and traffic data. We back up what we say we’ll do with real numbers.

Internet Marketing FAQs

How do I know if it's working?

We will provide you with regular reports and insight on your traffic.  Analytics data will be kept and will be available to you 24/7/365.   Google Analytics data will be the real thing.  That means that we cannot manipulate the numbers, or otherwise mislead your as to your results.

We will also be able to track the phone calls that come in from our campaigns, or the leads that are generated.  Everything will be quantifiable and verifiable.  You’ll pretty much know exactly what the results are.

Will you need access to my website?

Yes.  A major part of internet marketing, and gaining quality rankings is the technical things on your business website.  We will most likely be dialing in navigation strategy, updating and writing content, and more.

Our digital marketing services are tied into our website management servicesThis means that while we are performing our marketing campaign, we require that we can perform the management of the site as well. This is so that we can ensure content and on-page elements are just right.

However, we do not require an internet marketing campaign be run if we are acting as your website manager. Management services can be had independently.

When we are acting as the website manager of your site, there’s even more engagement than you would get with a normal internet marketing campaign.

Your site is always backed up, security measures are in place (and if anything ever happens, we fix it for free).  You get someone always thinking about how best to improve your website, and improve your business. 90% of our web management clients have stayed with us for years.  One client recently told us “This is by far the best marketing money I’ve ever spent.”

Can I get marketing services if you did not build my website?
Possibly.  It would really depend upon the quality and condition of your current site.  You can always check with us!
How much does it cost?
Cost depends on the strategy.  There are no “packages” from which to choose.  Each client is different, has different markets, different customers, sells different services, and has different goals.  Every business is different, and we treat them so. Our internet marketing strategies are custom tailored to your business.

For example, an internet marketing campaign for a local dentist’s office will be much different than the campaign for a national dental supply retailer.  They will be worlds apart in terms of cost and strategy.

That said, while we do not have any pre-designed packages and costs can vary, we will create your campaign strategy around your marketing budget.  Once we know what your budget is, and what the objectives are, we’ll create a strategy that works.

With that said, to give you a rough idea of costs, we find that an effective local business internet marketing campaign generally starts in the $750/mo range.  National campaigns will usually range in the $2k – $5k per month range depending upon complexity and competition.

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