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90% of our web management clients stay with us for several years or longer.  One client recently told us our services are “By far the best marketing money I’ve ever spent.” 

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Full Service Website Management includes:

  • Website Tasks: Site edits, design changes, text updates & more
  • Website Maintenance: Software updates, health checks, & more
  • Security: Daily scans, 24/7 monitoring, firewall, backups & more
  • Copywriting: We write high quality content for your site and social
  • Reviews and Social: We work as a team to optimize your reputation
  • Off-Site Branding: Optimization of Google and Bing Business
  • Organic SEO: Site is continually optimized for keyterm rankings
  • Plus: Print material creation, paid ad management, reporting, consultation, staff training.
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Benefits of Full Service Website Management:

Fast Updates and New Content Creation

Website Updates and Help

General updates such as text changes, adding an image, and uploading video are done generally within 1 business day.


Copywriting Services

We create new HIGH QUALITY content – blog posts, sales pages, & articles that is compelling to your site’s visitors.

Social Media Assistance

We can create and help manage  your branded social pages to send the right message to your followers.

eCommerce Support

Let us help with everything from customer acquisition to layout, product SEO, and payment gateway assistance.


Staff Training & Coaching

We work with our clients’ internal staff and can work as part of a team with existing staff or vendors.


Representation with Services

If your online business uses third-party services, we can act as your representative, and make sure you’re getting a fair shake.

Full Branding Services

FULL branding services including design of logos, flyers, brochures, direct mail, & letterhead and more.

SEO & Marketing

Organic SEO, keyterm tracking and optimization, content marketing, analytics reporting, strategy.

Paid Ad Management

Facebook and  Google advertising campaign creation and management. 

Hero Support and Communication


Top-Notch Communication

You will have text, phone, and email to your Dedicated Management Specialist. 

Enhanced Support

Even on weekends and holidays, we are doing our job.

Trust and Partnership

Clients tend to stay with us for years. We’re good, and always fair.

Full Suite of Security and Live Support

Security Scans & Backup

Recurring software and hosting security scans.  Regular backups. Firewall and intrusion scanning and blocking (for WordPress sites).  Spammer blacklisting.  To help keep your site secure, we do it all.

Research and Reporting

Market research. Competition evaluation. Keyterm rank tracking. We do it all, all while ensuring your site runs smoothly. Partner with us and boost your sales, generate more leads, and improve your website processes.

Hosting / Email Support

Got hosting issues? Is your site running poorly? Do you need help setting up hosting? Or maybe you’ve got email trouble? We’re here to help – you can even use our hosting server.


Active Security Scanner

“Cybercrime is the greatest threat to every company in the world.” IBM’s chairman, president, and CEO. Our 24/7 scanner checks core files, themes and plugins for malware, bad URLs, backdoors, SEO spam, malicious redirects and code injections. 

Firewall Protection

Your site is valuable – it deserves to be protected. We run malware scanners to keep malicious code and content out. Our security measures also help prevent brute force attacks on your site. (WordPress sites only.)

Cloud Backups

Our cloud backups come with off-site storage and can run on a daily cycle. So, if your site ever gets hacked, it won’t be a disaster – instead, you’ll be back up and running in no time. (WordPress sites only.)

Website Management FAQs

What do I get with Full Service Website Management?

Having a website management agreement gives you top quality service.  We proactively help grow your website.  You can maintain your business, and we maintain your site.  You don’t have to ask us – we’ll perform updates, security patches, monitor site speed, fix bugs, perform site backups, perform hack restoration, monitor email servers, and the list goes on.

Web management clients are never limited in scope of service, either.  These clients are provided EVERY service (shown above).

Website management clients see a return on their website investment.  Their website actually makes them money, makes sales, and/or generates leads.

You get someone always looking out for your site. You get someone thinking about how to make the phone ring for you. You get updates and new content. You get someone that your staff can call on for any updates, social media questions, help in responding to negative reviews (on Facebook, Google, etc).  You and your team have a dedicated website marketing team at your disposal.

In addition, website management clients get IMMEDIATE support.  No more waiting weeks for simple requests. Support requests go to the front of the line.  We will even manage support requests and services after hours, evenings, and weekends.  Those without an agreement still get support, but support requests are answered as schedule allows.

Websites will be scanned and monitored 24/7/365 for uptime, security, intrusion attempts, brute force attacks, and vulnerabilities within the hosting server and website software. Weekly or daily backups are taken for quick repair should something go wrong.

What web or CMS platforms do you support?

We specialize in WordPress and Shopify. We also support BigCommerce, Wix, PHP/MySQL, and HTML sites.

We do not work with Drupal or Joomla.

How much does it cost?

Cost depends on how often you use our services.  We don’t have set service “packages.” Every client is unique; they each cater to different markets, sell different services, and have different goals.  So, we tailor our solutions to each individual client.

Your price for  services each month is based on time per month we plan to spend overall, and not so much the type of service you need. To illustrate – service fees for a website that may require little services and 3 hour of service time will be substantially less than a business running five high traffic sites needing 20 hours per week.  

Our minimum FULL SERVICE website management agreements are offered at just $10 per day ($300 per month).  This can be considered the “base” tier, and, in our experience, that’s enough for most medium sized local businesses. (If $300 per month sounds pricey, compare it to hiring a new employee or even paying hourly ala-carte rates!)

Larger businesses or those that cater to larger markets may require more time. eCommerce sites may take more time. Sites requiring complex, custom programming and databases will usually require more time. That’s where the service customization comes into play.

Do I get unlimited services?

Yes and no.  YES – you get an almost unlimited scope of services.  NO – you have a basic limit to the amount of requests and/or time requested per month.

Some sites require only a handful of updates or edits per month, while other sites require multiple requests per day. Your monthly fees are based upon your assumed needs.

If you expect a jump in required services for a given month, just reach out.  We’re fair, and we work for YOU.  If it looks like you may need more time than is allotted in your contract, we’ll let you know ahead of time and find a way to work through it. No surprise costs to you, ever – that’s our promise.

Can I get website management services if you did not build my website?

Probably. Just ask us. It depends upon the condition of your website.

Can I get a website redesign?

Yes, but a full website redesign will require a separate work agreement outside of your website management services. That’s due to the large scope of work involved in a website redesign.

Our website management services provide:

  • Increased sales, leads, and website traffic – all with a pro regularly keeping your site’s performance smooth
  • More site visitors, leads and sales
  • A RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENTS in your website and management services
  • More phone calls, inquiries, and sales because site engagement will improve
  • Deep retained marketing and technical expertise – Consult with your pro on almost any subject
  • Lightning-fast responses – You deserve better than one-month wait times from your webmaster.
  • Rock solid security – Gain peace of mind knowing that your site and server will be secured and scanned regularly, and they’ll always be backed up.
  • Hero-level support –  24/7/365 response for emergencies
  • Real growth for your business – Your website will be integrated into your overall business strategy, and your web manager will help keep things on track.
      Our Clients Say:

      In all the years of working with vendors, contractors and suppliers, never has there been a more pleasant experience than with AIM. Your flexible style and unique way of solving issues is one quality that other companies should emulate. The quality of your work is extremely high and you deliver what you promise, when you promise it.

      Tim Rafferty

      Founder, Accurate Sharpening

      Samples of Success

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