Website Management : eCommerce Web Design : Online Business Consulting Services.

Experts in WordPress and BigCommerce platforms.
Experienced in all phases of internet commerce.

Website Design & Development

Specializing in WordPress and BigCommerce, but advanced in most all programming language and software. All websites I create are built with responsive design. They work perfectly with phones, tablets, and PCs.

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Website Management Services

As a website management service, I provide you with enhanced support, dedicated planning and growth, rapid response, ROI/analytics data, and a one-stop resource for all marketing needs (not JUST website related).

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eCommerce Development

Increase traffic and conversions for your online business.  I can provide a new and dynamic eCommerce website for your business, and I can team with you to grow that business and increase sales conversions.

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My website management and consulting services give you…

  • Increased sales, leads, and website traffic.
  • An internet marketing manager.
  • An experienced eCommerce manager.
  • An online business consultant.
  • Personalized tech support.
  • A website designer and developer.
  • A website usability specialist.
  • A training and consultation company.
  • A CUSTOMIZED website management solution.
  • Peace of mind and a place to go for help.

Why spend easily over $5,000 per month on staff salaries when you can outsource your “in-house” webmaster team for as low as $20 per day?  That $20 per day investment does two things: Makes you money, and saves you money.

AIM Retail Partners, LLC will serve as your “outsourced in-house” website management and marketing team. Custom plans are designed specifically for your company’s specific needs and budget. Need something? Just give me the word, and your updates are done.

As your webmaster / website management service, I can perform website updates, search engine marketing, paid advertising management (CPC), Facebook management and marketing, eCommerce website management, web hosting management, internet business consulting and training, tech support, and much more.

About AIM Retail Partners

AIM Retail Partners, LLC is owned an operated by Matt Fay who is an eCommerce engineer with 14 years of web development experience and over 19 years of marketing and advertising experience. I have been providing full service online and offline marketing for businesses across the country since 2002.

I have created and sold several successful online business, and I have created some real stinkers too. Point is – I carry real front-line business experience. I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t, and practice what I preach.

My goals for each client are simple: To help my clients make more money by increasing traffic and conversions, and to help my clients save money by streamlining marketing and management expenses. There are a thousand roads that must be navigated to arrive at these goals – and this is where I come in.

The Client Relationship

I have been fortunate to learn many things throughout my career as a web developer, marketer, and eCommerce business owner.  Over the years, I have built and managed websites for over 250 businesses of all industries, sizes, and markets.

It is important that my clients understand that I am 100% their team.  I empathize with the challenges my clients face – as they are responsible to their employees, to their supervisors, or to their stock holders.  As a result, my work is always with the clients’ best interests in mind. I generally end up forming tight bonds with my clients that last for years – and this would not be the case if my methods were not successful.

In order to realize these quality client relationships, and in order to focus on my clients’ needs, I keep my client list small.  That being said, I always enjoy talking to potential new clients and look forward to building new successful and profitable long term B2B relationships.

Prescott Web Design

Your WordPress Specialist

I have the ability to provide a wide array of website services, and have years of working in a wide variety of code and software applications.  However, I am a WordPress specialist, and prefer to build all new client websites using WordPress (unless eCommerce or other special need requires a different solution). Out of the box, WordPress offers a lot of power and options under the hood, all of them are practical and user friendly. WordPress is scalable – so it can be used for a one-page site all the way to a site with thousands of pages and millions of visitors. Because WordPress was built with the user in mind, working with it will provide a pleasant experience and make you feel in control.

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