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Website management services keep your business site secure, updated, healthy, fast, engaging, and will continually improve the conversion and lead generation process.
Website management clients receive professional-level skill and experience, priority support, crazy fast update completion, after-hours emergency support, on-site consultations, all without the headaches and expenses of hiring and retaining employees.

Website Management services give you…

  • Increased sales, leads, and website traffic because someone is routinely working to ensure the performance of your site.
  • Retained marketing and technical expertise. You always have a website pro to consult with on almost any subject.
  • Crazy fast response. No more waiting 30 days for your webmaster to perform a task.
  • Rock solid security. Your site and server are secured and scanned regularly and your site is always backed up.
  • Hero support.  24/7/365 response for emergencies.
  • A real growth strategy. Your website will be part of a larger business strategy, and your web manager will keep it on track.
  • Access to all services including marketing, full branding, site updates, and more (see list below).

AIM Website Management will serve as your “outsourced in-house” website management services and marketing team. You have no employee costs (taxes, unemployment, utilities, equipment, etc.), but get that same care you’d get from a good employee sitting right next to you.

Custom plans are designed specifically for your company’s specific needs and budget. Need something? Just give us the word, and your updates are done.

As your webmaster / website management services provider, we can perform website updates, search engine marketing, paid advertising management (CPC), Facebook management and marketing, eCommerce website management, web hosting, internet business consulting and training, tech support, and much more.

We can be responsible for development, implementation and maintenance of the infrastructure, hardware, and software utilized for the organization’s website.

Your website manager monitors web traffic, performance and capacity to identify, prevent, and resolve issues.

Outsourcing Your Website Manager Makes Financial Sense

Hiring an in-house website manager will cost you at least $5,000 per month in salary and expenses.  Double that if you want a website manager experienced in complex SEO, UI/UX, CPC, Analytics, content marketing, coding, and other skills.

There is no reason to incur this extra overhead since you can outsource your “in-house” website management team for as low as $20 per day – up to an 85% savings.  That $20 per day investment does two things: Makes you money, and saves you money.

Our Clients Say:

In all the years of working with vendors, contractors and suppliers, never has there been a more pleasant experience than with AIM. Your flexible style and unique way of solving issues is one quality that other companies should emulate. The quality of your work is extremely high and you deliver what you promise, when you promise it.

Tim Rafferty

Founder, Accurate Sharpening

All Website Management Clients Have Access To:

SEO & Marketing

You have at your disposal an internet marketing professional with over 17 years of marketing experience and a long list of successful website marketing campaigns.

Full Branding Services

FULL branding services including design and print of logos, flyers, brochures, direct mail, & letterhead. We also set up branded social media pages that integrate with your site.

Enhanced Support

Website management services clients receive top level support. No matter the time of day or night, holidays or weekends, your support request is immediately put to the top of the queue.

Hosting / Email Support

Problems with hosting? Has your eCommerce site recently failed the security scan? Having issues with email? That’s what we’re here for – to help you through these hurdles.

Website Updates and Help

Whether you need a basic quick change on your website, or you need support with complex database applications, your website manager is here for you.

Staff Training & Support

We work with clients’ internal staff to achieve one goal – website success. Assistance with staff training, business processes, website changes and updates, and more.

General Consultation

Do you need input on your website? Not sure how to handle a customer concern? Are you seeing a problem with your website? Your website manager is available to discuss these issues with you.

Copywriting Services

We can produce new content, new blog posts, write articles, sales pages, or simply re-write existing page text so that it is easy to read for website visitors.

Paid Ad Management

Specializing in Facebook advertising and Google Ads, we have the ability to create and manage your paid advertising campaigns.

Facebook Page Management

We can create and or manage your company Facebook page.  We do this as part of your team to ensure you are consistently sending the right message to your followers.

eCommerce Support

Experience matters. You will have access to an e-business professional who has created, run, and sold profitable internet eCommerce businesses.

Research and Advice

From market research, to evaluating competition, to ensuring your online presence runs smoothly, We consistently work with you to improve sales, leads, and website processes.

Website Management FAQs

Why should I retain a Website Manager?
If you are like most business owners, you just want things to work.  You don’t want to be spending valuable hours learning content management, SEO, and related technologies.  In most cases, that doesn’t make financial sense.  IT’S NOT PROFITABLE.  You are far more valuable doing what you do best – running your business.

When we are retained to actively monitor and work on the site, there’s more engagement.  Your site is always backed up, security measures are in place (and if anything ever happens, we fix it for free).  You get someone always thinking about how best to improve your website, and improve your business.

90% of our web management clients have stayed with us for years.  One client recently told us “This is by far the best marketing money I’ve ever spent.”

What is the benefit of website management?
Having a website management agreement gives you top quality service.  We proactively help grow your website.  You can maintain your business, and we maintain your site.  You don’t have to ask us – we’ll perform updates, security patches, monitor site speed, fix bugs, perform site backups, perform hack restoration, monitor email servers, and the list goes on.

Web management clients are never limited in scope of service, either.  These clients are provided EVERY service (shown above).  There are no upcharges for more complex services.

Website management clients see a return on their website investment.  Their website actually makes them money, makes sales, and/or generates leads.

In addition, website management clients get IMMEDIATE support.  Support requests go to the front of the line.  We will even manage support requests and services after hours, evenings, and weekends.  Those without an agreement still get support, but support requests are answered as schedule allows.

In most cases, websites managed solely by business owners tend to get ignored.  They don’t get updated, content is not added, and software is not updated.  In most all cases, as a result of this, they fail in Google rankings and eventually become targets for hackers (because of the out of date software).

How much does it cost?
Cost depends on how often you’ll use us.  There are no “packages” from which to choose.  Each client is different, has different markets, sells different services, and has different goals.  Every client is different, and we treat them so.

Generally speaking, website management services start at $20 per day, or $600 per month.  That’s far cheaper than hiring an employee. You get to focus your time where you make more money – running your business.  And you don’t have the headaches of learning technology in your spare time.

Can I get website management services if you did not build my website?
You bet.

Samples of Success

Below are just a few of our recent website management success stories.  Click on an image for details.
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