WordPress Website Review and Critique Service

Website Review and Critique Service

A professional website review is a service that is a must-do on your website development list.  Our team, having been professional web developers and marketers for a lot of years, has pretty much seen it all. We have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly.  And we want to help make the internet good and pretty.

Who Needs a Website Review?

You need a website review if you meet any one of the following criteria:

  • You are considering purchasing a website, or a business with a website, from the current owner.  Think of it like a pre-purchase home or car inspection.
  • You built your own website, and don’t do web design and development for a living.
  • You plan to monetize your site via online sales, phone call generation, signups, information requests, affiliate sales, or obtaining customer visits to your location.
  • You have a website, and are not getting the traffic you were expecting or hoping for.
  • You have a website, and are not getting the sales or sign ups you were expecting or hoping for.
  • You have a shopping cart connected to your WordPress site (even if that shopping cart is not in WordPress).
  • You have a small business that serves local clientele.
  • You have a large business that serves national clientele.
  • You have a business that fits in between the two described above.
  • You want to get your local business on the local maps and local search engine results to make that phone ring and get customers in the door.
  • You have a website, and are concerned with potential security risks such as hacking.
  • You want to check the work of your website developer or manager.  Essentially, an independent third-party review. (We will never to to sell you on any additional services from us – you can rest assured that we are neutral).
  • Your website seems to be fine, but you want a preemptive health check on potential issues.

Search engines have replaced almost every other form of searching for products and services. Making sure your website comes up first when someone searches for services your company offers is of the utmost importance. In fact, a recent study shows that more than 70 percent of the population exclusively relies on search engine results for searching for everything from local restaurants to technology products and services.

My Website Review – What’s Covered?

When we sit down and review your site, we don’t take the job lightly. We spend multiple hours with your site, both in the WordPress Dashboard (yes, we will need admin access) and on the site front end where we see what the visitor sees. The following aspects of your site are some of what is examined and tested. and a detailed report will be created with suggested changes or optimizations.

A Website Review and Critique will generally include checks and improvement items such as the following.  NOTE: This is not an all-inclusive list, and some listed items may not be applicable to your website and therefor won’t be included.

  • Security: Is software up-to-date, and are your plugins all updated?
  • Security: Is your hosting environment secure?  There are some key indicators to look at.
  • Security: Recommendations you can use to improve overall site security.
  • Security: Are you backing up your WordPress site? We will tell you how.
  • Usability Checks (Usability = the metrics as to how user-friendly and instinctual your website is to visitors).
  • Usability: Home page and some key content pages. Recommendations and techniques for improvement if needed.
  • Usability: Primary and secondary navigation. Recommendations and techniques for improvement if needed.
  • Usability: Check out and/or sign up process. Recommendations and techniques for improvement if needed.
  • Usability:Analysis of design and layout. Recommendations and techniques for improvement if needed.
  • Usability: Recommendations on improving content and sales presentation.
  • SEO: Recommendations on key SEO techniques that you can use to improve your rankings.
  • SEO: Page title strategy check. Recommendations and techniques for improvement if needed.
  • SEO: HTML code quality check.
  • SEO: Local SEO and Maps check. Recommendations and techniques for improvement if needed.
  • SEO: Basic analysis of current search term / keyterm strategy and integration.
  • Site Speed:  Google loading speed check.
  • Site Speed: Recommendations and techniques on improving website speed.  We have found that most WordPress sites can almost double site loading speed by integrating two key techniques.
  • Conversions and sales: Recommendations on improving conversion rates (sales or signups).
  • General performance: Analysis and recommendations on improving overall site performance.

We will then write a custom report for you.  You will not receive some disappointing boiler plate template of a report. Your report will be custom written about YOUR site and YOUR particular business situation.  Depending on the website, a website review report can consist of anywhere from five to 30 pages of real, pertinent, and usable content.

Improving a website’s ranking and conversion rate requires serious effort and dedication. The effort and dedication you have to provide.  What we do is point you in the right direction.  Many business owners try their hand at organic search engine optimization on their own, but rarely do they see significant results for their efforts. The trick is deciphering what is real and effective out of the sea of outdated information and misinformation. Obtaining real results requires someone well versed in the industry who can spot what you might have missed, as well as spot potential trouble ahead.

Who Will Be Conducting My Website Review?

Your website review will be conducted by the owner of AIM Retail Partners, LLC, Matt Fay. Matt has been a website developer and organic SEO marketer for over a decade.  Matt was the founder and managing partner of one of Northern Arizona’s leading web development and SEO companies, AIM-Arizona Internet Marketing.  In 2010, stepped away from small business web development and marketing to focus on larger industry as well as private internet business startup and development.

These days, you can find Matt with a coffee in one hand and a mouse in the other. He currently manages the marketing department for one of America’s largest steel building manufacturers and retailers that earns over $1,000,000 per year from internet sales.  Along with that, he creates start-up online businesses and passes those on to investors and entrepreneurs.  Oh, we almost forgot – he is also a career firefighter.  Besides medical and firefighting duties, he is a primary grant writer for the fire department and serves as business development manager. Matt has secured over $250,000 in equipment grants in the last few years.

Parts of your review may be done by staff experts who specialize in items such as website security, design elements. Reports on those elements will be integrated into the main report and written in such a way that all information is in logical order and sensible.

Why Request a Review?

Remember, your website is the gateway to an entire world of potential customers. Even the smallest bug or flaw in your site’s configuration can lower your chances of gaining a good search engine ranking position, or may keep customers from buying or calling. With online competition getting fierce for almost every market, you simply cannot afford a mistake!

Our experts will review your website’s design and structure, your current SEO strategies and your tagging and linking strategies. To date, we have never found a website that needed no recommendations. To date, we have NEVER had a customer disappointed in the information that they received. Generally, our customers receive recommended techniques that they would have never even considered applying , and that when applied make positive differences.

How Much Does It Cost

For as little as $695 you can get a quality website review from our expert staff.  Properly implemented, our customers generally generated new revenue many times higher than the amount spent. You receive a detailed, analytical analysis and critique performed by human beings, not an automated script that churns out some pre-defined suggestions, which may or may not be accurate. Every single review we perform is customized to your specific site’s market and needs. We’ll present you with the good and bad in clear U.S. English about what your site needs to do next.

How the Process Works

After filling out the form below, you’ll receive an invoice for $695.  After your invoice has been settled, we will begin the initial review. Once that is complete, and we have a basic idea about your website and your business, you will receive a list of questions we’ll need answered about your site. We will also request WordPress administrative access to the site. Within one to two weeks, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive analysis report of your websites current configuration and provide our recommendations on how to bring your site to the next level.

Website Review

  • Just a general idea of your city and state.
  • Any site history you can share? Any special requests or needs? Is there anything specific that you need to know? Please share anything that you have in mind that may help us in reviewing the site.
WordPress Website Review and Critique Service