WebHostingPad has proven to be very popular, offering 24/7 support services, unlimited web space, and a very high percentage of uptime guaranteed at a budget price. Since 2005, WebHostingPad has provided fast, reliable, and efficient service at an affordable price. You can get Award Winning Web Hosting as low as $1.99 per month. Considering more than one thousand reviews, WebHostingPad received an average rating of 4.27 on a 5-point scale.

Web hosting providers are becoming necessary as more individuals and companies create their own web sites daily. There are many web hosting sites on the market, but not all of these hosts are good for everyone. Choosing a web hosting provider should be based on personal requirements, personal budget, and which provider can give the best results for your web site needs.

Easy to Use

WebHostingPad offers unlimited domain accounts and mailing lists along with Spam protection and helpful, concerned technicians. Considering more than one thousand reviews, the majority have had no problem with the software or using complicated functions within the hosting site.

According to published consumer reviews the WebHostingPad received an average rating of 4.27 on a 5-point scale. Reviews rated this web hosting site in the following categories:

  • Price
  • Reliability/Uptime 
  • Software 
  • User-friendliness 
  • Tech support

Customers using WebHostingPad for web design are provided with a simple, step-by-step system for creating a website using more than 100 designs included in the low monthly fee. Of course, as with any web hosting company, not all users are happy with WebHostingPad’s service. Some of the negative comments reflected that in their experience the site’s reliability and uptime was not at the advertised 99.9%. Some encountered hacking of their email or completely lost emails on a regular basis.

WebHostingPad Support Center

WebHostingPad’s customer support is said to be first-rate. In addition to knowledgeable support staff, the hosting service also has forums, a useful FAQ section, and video tutorials. Using a Virtual Private Server, customers have access to more server resources than shared hosting usually offers. VPS hosting solutions are valuable for business or individual websites at a lower rate than a typical private server.

WebHostingPad offers package plans for all levels of customer needs. Recommended for Beginner or Entry Level users, WebHostingPad also has a Professional Package for small/medium sized businesses, and a Premium Package for larger and e-commerce businesses that need a powerful VPS.

BestWordPress Review Summary

Our team has, and currently are, using WebHostingPad as a web hosting company. From initial setup, to email setup, to WordPress installation, and all. Our outlook on WebHostingPad is as follows:

  • Seems best suited for small websites. By small, we mean under 10,000 visitors per month.
  • If you are on a tight budget, you can’t go wrong with the $1.99 per month cost.  To get this rate, you will need to sign up for multiple years. One year signup runs $3.95 per month (but this is still a screaming deal).
  • WordPress websites run fantastic on this web host.
  • Overall, we experienced no noticeable downtime on our sites.
  • Control panel is easy to use.
  • Even though you are offered Unlimited everything, we noticed a speed impact when we ran five WordPress sites on the same account.  One or two WordPress websites on a single account is about all we recommend running (though you can add many more if they are basic HTML sites).
  • Be alert when signing up.  You will be offered upsells.  If you purchase one, whether on accident or on purpose, you will not get a refund.  We accidentally signed up for a backup service (did not opt out) and were charged $50.  We could not get a refund.  Bummer.