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Prescott Import Car Service

Prescott Import Car Service is a well established auto repair and service company in Prescott, and needed a website and website rankings to coincide.

The Challenge: To stand out from the pack when a potential customer searched Google for related keyterms.  In an area with perhaps a hundred or more car repair and service establishments, we needed to come out on top in the Google SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

The Solution: A focused and ongoing marketing initiative that includes many aspects of internet marketing. We have harnessed reviews, social media, CPC, and organic search engine optimization.

The Result: Client holds first place organic rankings for almost every keyterm related to the business.  Although the client serves a local market, and manages website updates in-house themselves, they still see over 2000 visitors per month.

Project Scope:

  • Website redesign to reflect client’s high end brand and clientele.
  • Organic search engine optimization so that web pages rank high and customers can find the business.
  • Assistance in acquiring reviews from real customers in Google, Yelp, and other sites.
  • New content writing and new content creation.
  • Design and print of postcards, flyers, and business cards.
  • Creation and temporary management of social media pages such as Facebook and Google Business.
  • Advertising campaigns created, managed, and results reported for Google and Facebook.
  • Website security monitoring, 24/7 support, hosting and email management, on-site training and marketing strategy meetings.

Five Examples of Local SEO

Example 1:  Rankings on keyterm “how to clean cloudy headlight lenses”

  • Not limited to local SEO, this page ranks nationally and accounts for thousands of visitors each month.
  • Ranks #1 and #3 out of over 313,000 possible results.
  • Google uses client’s page as the top “how to” answer.
  • Ranks above national players like Popular Mechanics and Bridgestone

How to Clean Cloudy Headlight Lenses

Example #2:  “Volvo Service Prescott”

  • Client shows in four locations in top half of the page.
  • Website ranks #1 and #2 out of 240,000 results.
  • Google Business information shows in right column
  • Client’s YELP info ranks #5
  • This same type of result happens for most other searches on vehicle makes that client services.

Volvo Service in Prescott Results

Example #3:  “VW Service Prescott”

  • Client’s business shows on top of the SERPs for local mapped results.
  • Client also is the first local shop to rank in the SERPs below the local rankings.

VW Service Rankings

Example #4:  “Volvo Repair Prescott”

  • Client shows in 4 locations on the first page.
  • Visible in Google Maps / Google Business
  • Two website results that rank #1 and #2
  • A profile in a Volvo directory ranks #5

Volvo Repair in Prescott

Example #5:  “BMW Service Prescott”

  • Client shows in three spots above the fold on the first page.
  • Shows in Google Maps
  • Owns top two organic SERP rankings.

BMW Service in Prescott

Example #6:  “BMW Service” (Not Prescott specific, but all of Arizona)

BMW Service in Arizona rankings

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