IX Web Hosting is terrible.  For a while, these guys were a near favorite.  But then suddenly their service took a nose dive.  I had handfuls of websites (like 12) go down without notice and it took me almost a week to get them to be brought back up.  

Site speed got so slow I almost lost a very good client (I moved them to Bluehost and problem solved).  Tech support is somewhere in Eastern Europe, and while the response is quick, the answers are many times irrelevant or off the mark.  When my sites went down, these guys could not/would not tell my why.

Summary:  IX Web Hosting Sucks.  Stay Away!

IX Web Hosting Sucks

If you are comfortable with your website(s) being taken offline with no notice, and no real explanation then IX Web Hosting is a company for you.  If you enjoy slow website performance, and covet unreliable email, then IX Web Hosting is a company for you. But if you want a dependable web host that you can count on then there are many other options.

Here’s What Happened to Me

I purchased TWO YEARS worth of web hosting from IX.  Initially, the relationship was great.  My sites seemed to run quite fast, tech support was responsive, and I was very happy.  Matter of fact, this space right here contained a very glowing review.

However, about three months had gone by and I started finding the following flaws…

  • One click installations of WordPress do not work reliably.
  • File Manager does not work.  You cannot manage your files from the control panel.
  • Extract and Compress tools do not work.  You have to contact tech support if you want to do this.
  • The initial tech support folks are not native English speakers, and communication is a challenge at times.

All of My Websites Taken Offline

Because IX Web Hosting advertised 15 unique IP addresses, unlimited space, etc., etc., etc., I figured I would be able to host 15 websites on my account.   We’re not talking 15 websites of any consequence – daily visitor total between all sites might have been about 75 per day combined.

I had a handful of WordPress sites, an eCommerce site, and some smaller static sites hosted here.

One day in early November, I got an email indicating my account was deactivated and my sites were now offline.  When I tried to figure out the problem, here is what I got…

  • Tech support could only tell me “You need to optimize your sites”.  Remember, I have 15 sites here.  I would ask which site was the problem, I would get again “You need to optimize your sites.”  A quality host like Bluehost or InMotion could pinpoint where the problem was for you.
  • I went up the chain to my “Personal Account Manager” only to be told the sites would come back up soon.  They did – 5 days later.
  • I lost my site PageRank as a result of the outage.

Finally, my sites were restored after I moved 8 of them to another host.

Now I Was Running Only 3 sites on my “unlimited” account.

All of My Websites Taken Offline AGAIN

On Christmas of 2011, I received another email stating my account was again deactivated.  I receive this:

Subject: TOS Violation – Web Server Overload Account Link: Hosting ID #XXXXX: Unlimited Pro

Your consumption of CPU resources:

cpu-min date
159.94 2011-12-25
169.76 2011-12-24
163.29 2011-12-23
158.16 2011-12-22
146.49 2011-12-21
110.59 2011-12-20
134.45 2011-12-19
134.72 2011-12-18
149.60 2011-12-17
146.18 2011-12-16
152.66 2011-12-15
156.58 2011-12-14
152.48 2011-12-13
166.81 2011-12-12
197.93 2011-12-11
174.21 2011-12-10
162.51 2011-12-09
159.93 2011-12-08
146.25 2011-12-07
135.97 2011-12-06

That’s what I have.  Seriously – only about 10 visitors total in all of this, and these are basic WordPress websites (the three of them) with weekly Amazon price updates.

Thank god these sites of mine were small and inconsequential. 

I Almost Lost a Good Client Too

During the time I was enjoying IX Web Hosting’s service, I purchased a new account on behalf of a website client.  I purchased the Pro account (again, unlimited and up to 15 unique IP addresses).   I built ONE SITE on this account for the client.

  • Website was a WordPress website with 10 pages.   No auto-posting, no Amazon APIs (or any other APIs).  Just 10 relatively static pages.
  • Also had a CS-Cart shopping cart in a subdirectory.  This shopping cart contained a whopping THREE products.
  • This is a small site that should not, and would not, have any performance issues on most other web hosts.

The website ran so poorly, that I almost lost this client. 

  • The site and pages loaded so slowly that I constantly had the client complaining about it (and they should).  The WordPress home page took up to 26 seconds to load at times.
  • Email service hardly worked.  Sometimes took up to 5 days to receive email sent through the site.  Tech support told me it was my imagination, and that it was working fine.  My client, who resides on the other side of the country from me experienced the same delays as I was.

I moved this site to Bluehost web hosting, and all of the problems went away.  The client was ecstatic and remarked how the pages load “almost instantly” now.  All email problems went away too.


Imagine if you were hosting your main business website here.  How would you like it if IX Web Hosting indiscriminately SHUT DOWN YOUR BUSINESS with no warning, explanation, or assistance in recovery?

Seriously – there are better options out there. 
Lots of them. 
Please don’t take a chance in lost income
and lost time by signing up for IX. 
You will be sorry.
I certainly am. 

Find out who are the best budget web hosting companies of 2012 right here.

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