In this article, I will provide a detailed Hostgator web hosting review based the experiences of our staff WordPress developers.  Our team has had the opportunity to develop upwards of 500 websites of all shapes and sizes, and have used many hosting companies in the process.  Hostgator is one of the more popular shared web hosts out there.

In our experience, Hostgator web hosting is one of the more dependable shared hosting companies out there.  Granted, you have what seems like limitless choices when it comes to budget hosting.  Our development team has had experience with just about all of the top commercial web hosting companies at one time or another.

Having said that, we think of web hosting companies as being in one of two broad categories. 

  • There are the VPS and enterprise-level web hosts.  These web hosting companies specialize in hosting for larger enterprise websites, websites with lots of traffic (thousands of visitors per day), networks of multiple websites, or websites with heavy applications running (demand a lot of server resources).  They can be pricey – $50 per month all the way up to hundreds of dollars per month. I’m not going to compare Hostgator with these hosts (even though Hostgator does offer VPS services).  I’m going to categorize Hostgator web hosting as one of the budget shared hosting companies.
  • There are the budget shared hosting companies.  This type of hosting company is probably the most popular with small business and private entrepreneurs. With these companies, you can get good hosting for under $10 per month. Hostgator is classified in this category because you can get good hosting for as low as $4 per month (more on the various hosting packages later in this review).

Hostgator Web Hosting – The Results

I first was introduced to Hostgator back in 2008, when redeveloping a client website.  Until then, I was using Bluehost and Applied Innovations almost exclusively (both are awesome by the way!).  Other developers on our team have a longer history with Hostgator.

Ratings on Hostgator Services:

WordPress Hosting Capabilities…WordPress runs fantastic with Hostgator. Really, regardless of whether you have the small Hatchling account or the bigger Business Plan, your WordPress site will run nicely.   There is also a one-click installation feature – you DON’T have to do a manual install.  This is great for beginners and advanced web developers.Hostgator WordPress Hosting
Technical and Customer Support…Hostgator is pretty good, but not our top pick.  Their technical support is pretty good.  Sometimes they’re really good, and sometimes a little slow.  Not as good as Bluehost, but better than most other shared hosting companies.  They’re good enough that we wouldn’t let this keep us from buying another Hostgator hosting account.Hostgator customer support rating
Website Speed and Performance…Here is where Hostgator excels.  Our network of WordPress sites run very well on Hostgator’s servers.  From WordPress, to static HTML, to large eCommerce sites.  we have noticed no downtime.  We highly recommend Hostgator on this element.Website performance
Value for the Money
Great value for the money.  Comparable with other hosting companies out there as far as cost. They offer several package options to fit your budget.  And while you might find cheaper hosts, the headache isn’t worth saving $2 per month. You will like not having to worry about your WordPress site uptime or speed.Prices
Tools, Free Applications, Control Panel Interface, and other Extras.Rather than try to explain it, click the image below to take a look.  When you get on the Hostgator page, look for the image shown below.  You can tour the control panel!
Hostgator hosting control panel
Control panel and easy install applications

Hostgator Web Hosting Compared To Other Web Hosts…

  • Bluehost #1
    The consensus here is that we consider Bluehost to be the top web hosting company.  But Hostgator comes in a very close second to Bluehost.  Between the two, the service, features, and site performance is about the same.  However, Bluehost’s awesome customer service tips the scales in their favor.  Click here for my Bluehost web hosting review.

  • Hostgator comes in #2
    If you simply chose between two web hosts, make it these two.  While most of our team prefers Bluehost, no one would argue with you if you opted for Hostgator instead.  Again, we’ve been mostly happy with my accounts here.
  • iPage Hosting – These guys have been pretty good. Even though we have a few sites hosted here, we haven’t really had the need to use tech support, so we cannot say how they would perform when needed.
  • WebHostingPad – Decent site speed and uptime.  But sneaky sales practices.  When we signed up, they automatically opted us in for an “extra service”.  About three months later, we were charged $49 for this service we never used nor knew we had.  They refused to provide a refund.  And they weren’t really very nice about it.
  • IX Web Hosting – These guys went from a number 2 favorite web host to a big fat STAY AWAY rather quickly.  We had a couple of really bad experiences here with sites being shut down due to using too many resources.  We could get no explanation other than that.  It took 5 days, and the deletion of 10 websites (out of the 12 we had hosted here) before our sites came back up.  Even once they did come back up, they ran so slow that they were unusable.
  • FatCow Hosting – Decent customer service here.  But geez – we noticed a lot of downtime and our WordPress sites ran really slow.
  • SuperGreen Hosting – Slooowwww.  Lots of downtime.  Horrible customer service.  At times it took 2 – 3 days to hear back when server outages were reported.  Cancelled our account within a few weeks of opening it and could not get a full refund.
  • – While we think GoDaddy is the best domain name registrar, their hosting leaves a lot to be desired.  I’ve always had bad perfromance from WordPress websites here.  Matter of fact, anything running on a database seems to be a bit slower than normal.

Hostgator Web Hosting Overview

Hostgator has been offering web hosting for a long time.  Among the features offered by the service are:

  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • Free website building tools
  • 4,500 free website templates
  • Free domain transfers
  • 52 free scripts
  • Unlimited SQL databases
  • Unlimited POP3 email accounts
  • 99.9 percent uptime guarantee.

Choice of Hostgator Hosting Packages

Hostgator hosting packages

What Other People Have to Say

We searched other websites for ratings and rankings on Hostgator hosting.  Overall, we came up with the following rating for Hostgator based on other users.

Number of Reviews Found:
Overall Rating 4/5 Stars:
Hostgator web hosting review

Highlights and Lowlights Summary From The Reviews…

There were a lot of compliments on the following:

  • Those who had good experiences with Hostgator say it’s the best budget option for web hosting.
  • Several users said that the control panel is extremely easy to use.
  • Most people who use Hostgator have very few issues with their website going down.
  • Several customers of Hostgator say that it is a good place to host WordPress blogs and websites.
  • Great uptime.
  • Lots of features for the price.

A couple of common complaints were:

  • The number one complaint about Hostgator said that the quality of the customer service was quite poor.
  • There have been several complaints with users getting errors because Hostgator’s servers are busy.

The reviews on Hostgator are largely mixed, with most users complaining about the poor quality of customer service.  It seems that as with any large company, sometimes customers are able to call in and get a knowledgeable technician, and other times they call in and get someone who provides less than quality service.  Author’s Note:  I agree with this general assessment. I’ve had the same experience.

However, users of Hostgator do generally agree that it is a great service for those who are looking for a budget option for web hosting.  The lower prices are extremely competitive, especially with the unlimited disk space and bandwidth.