Doing our best to protect the environment is important. Unfortunately, our reliance on outside companies often limits how much we can actually contribute to environmentally-sound choices. However, with GreenGeeks web hosting, you can keep your WordPress sites up and running while doing something good for the environment. GreenGeeks puts three times the energy that they use back into the grid via wind energy. This helps contribute clean energy usage and minimize reliance on polluting fossil fuels.

As far as web hosting goes, GreenGeeks offers competitive services on par with those of other hosting companies. With basic plans stated for under ten dollars a month, you’ll get a reliable hosting company with 24/7 technical support and some great extras.

Take a look at some of the PROS Mentioned by Customers Using GreenGeeks:

  • Green Geeks Web Hosting ReviewTech Support that goes “the extra mile” to get your problem fixed.
  • Excellent Control Panel System.
  • Better site performance than other budget hosting firms.
  • Excellent support for WordPress.
  • Free site migration.
  • $100 in free marketing credits.
  • Complete hosting solution for $4.95 per month.

GreenGeeks has been around for about ten years. This is a little bit less time in business than some other hosting companies. This hosting firm has definitely seen its growing pains. The company was praised for their hosting performance, speed and reliability, but their technical support left something to be desired. Since then, GreenGeeks has focused on this weak point and rebuilt its technical support team into an around-the-clock, proactive organization that takes good care of their customers.

This innovative company promises to get your site moved over from other hosting services and up and running as quickly as possible. Most users had no problem getting their site going in a matter of hours.

GreenGeeks currently enjoys a 93 percent customer satisfaction rate as of May 2012.
This rating covers the following factors:

  • Site performance and Uptime
  • Technical Support
  • Migration and Site Transfer
  • Ease of Use

GreenGeeks is dedicated to lowering their impact on the environment in any way possible. They use paperless processes to cut down on office waste and many of their workers telecommute to cut down on emissions and fuel use. These initiatives help set the company apart from its competitors.

Web hosting might not seem like a environmentally damaging industry, but the truth is, cooling giant server systems and maintaining 99 percent uptime uses a lot of electricity and other resources. It is nice to know that by using GreenGeeks, you’re getting quality service and helping out the environment.

GreenGeeks also offers VPS services and high-end cloud services to those who need more than just a basic website. Any customers who are unhappy with GreenGeeks’ services can use the thirty-day full refund policy to get their money back. This means you can try GreenGeeks today with no risk.