Add a Shopping Cart to Your Existing Website

Our shopping cart services are flexible enough to allow for a shopping cart to be added on to most any existing website. The shopping cart is the same dynamic shopping cart system that we offer on our custom sites. We recommend and generally provide the BigCommerce shopping cart. However, under certain circumstances or by request we can add a shopping cart using WooCommerce, Magento, 3dCart, or most any other cart platform.

  • When the site is live, you can do most all store and website operations, including adding/editing products, making coupons, processing orders, etc.
  • Web-accessed tools for day-to-day store operation by store owners and employees.
  • Your online store will be an extremely capable and dependable system.
  • Super dynamic, flexible and stable shopping cart systems with a LOT of features!
  • You can add unlimited products and categories!

Examples of Adding a Shopping Cart to an Existing Website

Here are some examples of sites that I added a shopping cart onto using a subdomain:

Add a Cart to a Blog

  • Existing site: (WordPress)
  • Added shopping cart at: (BigCommerce)
  • So while technically two different sites, they run off of the same domain name and thus are looked upon as one site by the search engines.

Add a BigCommerce Store

Connect Online and Offline Sales

How It Works

How exactly we add a shopping cart to your existing website is going to depend on your needs, budget, timeline, and other factors.  We will discuss what you have in mind and then I will provide some recommendations for you.  However, in most cases I find that the best way to add a cart to your existing site is to use what is called a subdomain.

A subdomain is used when a second website, with its own unique content (such as an online store), is built but there is no new domain name. Instead, you use an existing domain name and change the www to another name. The subdomain name looks like,, (assuming you already host

When Building a Stand-Alone eCommerce Website Might Make Sense:

  • You already have a website and you don’t want to do a full redesign and rebuild on it.
  • You can have certain staff manage the store (process orders, manage products, etc) but don’t want to give them access to your primary website.
  • You want the full functionality of a high-end eCommerce store, yet can keep your existing website as it currently is. No full website redesign or redevelopment necessary.
  • You think you might later choose to change your eCommerce platform or abandon it entirely, and don’t want to worry about your primary website being interrupted.
  • Your existing website is performing well in the search engines and you don’t want to chance the wrath of Google by changing your site structure.
  • You are starting your business from scratch and don’t have an existing website.
  • Your business is fully eCommerce based. Or better said, your business IS the store.

When building a Stand-Alone eCommerce Website Might Not Make Sense

  • You only have a few items to sell. In this case, we might be able to incorporate a simple solution.

Again, we won’t require you to go the subdomain route and in some cases it doesn’t make sense. For example, if you currently have a WordPress website and want to sell a few products with only a few options, then perhaps it’s better to simply add a WooCommerce system to your existing website. Sometimes that’s the better route, and sometimes not.

Help is Here – And Start a FREE 15 Day Trial!

Go ahead and try BigCommerce.  We will set up and configure a basic store on your behalf.  If you like what you see, you can convert your store to a paid account ($29.95 per month), or have us help you.  There is absolutely no obligation for your free trial.

If at any time you need assistance with anything related to BigCommerce, feel free to contact AIM Retail Partners, LLC for help. We’re pretty good to work with.

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